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tjp5's Journal

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4 June 1967
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It is pretty tough to do this without sounding like I have an ego the size of Utah or the sense of humor of a wise ass 10 year old.

I was born and bred in the fine city of Gloucester Mass, home of the literary works of genious "Captain's Courageous" and "Perfect Storm". The movies wern't bad either. I managed to escape however ( I snuck over the border in a hot air balloon during the Clinton regime) and spent three years coaching football ( soccer ) in London. The past two winters have been spent in Austria teaching skiing. Now I am back and being pressured to stay put and work in Boston. I guess it'll do for now.

I am a coach. It is the thing in this world I do well. Not sure why but it might be that my Dad coached and his Mom and Dad coached so maybe it is my legacy.

This is getting lame. I hope more of me will come out in the journal. I have kept a journal for years but since mine is stuck in St. Michaels for the forseeable future I will try this. As others will be reading I will try to be a bit more interesting than usual.



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